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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall on Wednesday, 14th April 2010, at 7:30 pm

Present:  Jean Dowdeswell (Chairman), Hilary Bonney, Linda Cawsey, John Callaghan, Dominic Clarke, Emma Dean, Rob Dewing, Steve Field, Gerard Hetherington, Brian Keys, Stewart Madden, Simon Mason, Clare Munro, Patsy Robinson, Christine Tully

  1. Introduction:  Jean mentioned that we were in a time of change with the clergy and with the country in general.   She read from Philippians IV and led the prayers.

  2. Apologies:  Sue Bone, Maggie Burton-Page, Joanna Farrell, Giles Harris-Evans, John Owen, David Stickland, Suzanne Tong.   Everyone wished Maggie a speedy recovery.

  3. Minutes of the last Meeting:  these were approved and signed by the Chairman.

  4. Items for discussion under Item 16:  Bank mandate, e-mails from John Studd.

  5. Matters arising:  John Callaghan stated that the Ministers felt they did not have executive powers – these were in the hands of the PACT Committee.   Steve reported from the IT Group that over a hundred people were signed up to the PACT website.   Video clips were now available on the website.

  6. Report on events:  The Good Friday Procession and Service had been very well attended with about two hundred and eighty people in St. Peter’s.   After discussion, it was agreed that it was better to have an open air service if the weather permitted; some chairs could be provided.   The Easter Sunday gathering outside St. Peter’s went well and John felt that this should be encouraged.

  7. Welcome leaflet:  This is still being considered.

  8. Lent Groups:  Generally these had been well received, although there were some mixed views on the York Courses.   Steep’s Lent Course had attracted fourteen people and they were continuing to meet monthly.   The Methodist meetings were successful and were to be continued as a Christian book club, the first meeting of which is taking place in the Methodist Church at 7.30 pm on Thursday, 6th May, and will continue for five weeks.   St. Laurence’s had between thirty and thirty-five people, mainly Roman Catholics.   Jean hoped that the variety of groups could be
    continued next year and Rob felt that some more evening courses based on the York Course were required.   He considered that having a different host and leader was difficult but should be encouraged.      

  9. Partnership/Linked organisations:  Brian stated that some organisations had confirmed that they were happy being partnership or linked and that he would chase up those who had not answered.   Several members at the meeting answered for their organisations.   The Social Concerns Group had asked for some clarification and Jean and Steve agreed to have a discussion with Joyce Perry.   

  10. Hustings:  Jean reported that she had received a good number of questions and that the candidates from the three main parties would be present.   Once the list closes on Tuesday, 20th April, she will ask any additional candidates if they would like to appear.   The Petersfield Post had asked if they could video the event for their parent newspaper, the Portsmouth Evening News, and this was agreed.

  11. Christian Aid:  Brian read a statement from Maggie Burton-Page asking the clergy to give encouragement to Christian Aid.   Steve reported from the Christian Aid Committee that there would be a collection in the town on Saturday, 15th May, On Sunday, 9th May, there would be a walk starting from High Meadow at 2.00 pm with two possible routes – one for about seven miles and a shorter one.   These would be followed by a picnic.

  12. Pentecost:  After discussions, it was decided to hold no event at Pentecost  but to encourage attendance at ENGAGE which will be held in the Festival Hall between 8.00 pm and 9.30 pm on Thursday, 10th June.   This is being organised by Life Church Petersfield.

  13. Church links:  Jean has conducted a brief survey and feels that there are not many church members who participate in the various PACT bodies although it was accepted that there was no way of knowing exact numbers.

  14. Correspondence:  Susanne Irving who runs the PACT Newsletter was questioning its future role following the establishment of the PACT website.   Members felt that it stilled fulfilled a purpose as not everybody was on the internet and that it was good to have reports in the Newsletter of events that had taken place.   It was agreed that Jean would contact Susanne and that John would produce reports of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.   Simon would report on the Hustings and Helen on Messy Church to Susanne.   It was agreed that it should not have to be published every month but perhaps bi-monthly.

  15. Proposed future dates and events

    Wednesday, 21st April
    and each following Wednesday
    URC      12.30 pm to 4:30 pm  Altzheimer’s Society (for sufferers & carers)
    Tuesday, 27th April  St. Mary’s Sheet    8:00 pm Talk on Rembrandt
    Saturday, 7th May   Salvation Army        7.00 pm        Female Singing Group
    Sunday, 9th May  High Meadow     2.00 pm   Walk and picnic
    Thursday, 10th June Festival Hall  8.00 pm  ENGAGE
    The URC are to hold an Alpha Course in the Autumn with a welcome meeting in July.

    16.       AOB:  After approving the draft Minutes, Jean will decide if any part of the minutes is confidential and needs to be removed before sending on to John Studd for publication on the website.

    Hilary will speak to John Studd directly to resolve the difficulties she is experiencing with her e-mails from him.

    Following Minute 15 from the 3rd February Committee Meeting, Jean stated that the bank had admitted that Stewart Madden was not on their signatories’ list, despite this having been submitted.   It was therefore proposed that Linda Cawsey be replaced by Jean Dowdeswell as a signatory and Brian Keys and Christine Tully would remain as signatories.   This was proposed by John Callaghan, seconded by Stewart Madden and unanimously approved.

    17.            Dominic led the closing prayers.

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