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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held
line on Wednesday 23 September at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

VENUE:                              Zoom Conferencing

Chair                                     Carolyn Barton

Attended:  Carolyn Barton, Ivan H-T, Josh Thomas, Jenny Ballinger, Christine Tully, John Callaghan, Jennifer _____, Mike Harris, Judith Bee, Vanessa Dowse, Stephen Field, Brian Edwards, Richard Saunders, Tim Concannon, Lindsay Clegg, Amanda Greenlee, Peter Hollins, Madeline King.

Carolyn opened the committee meeting with a devotion by the Rev Dr Elizabeth Welch (ret’d) and a prayer.   The full text of the devotion can be found at this link:

Simon and Helen Mason, Will Hughes, John Studd.

Issue: The Chair formally welcomed Major Mike Harris to the committee.

Issue: The PACT website is in need of updating and refreshing, input is needed on establishing a Working Group to that end. It is hoped to get this done in time for January 2021

Open Actions from previous meetings:

April Meeting:

OPEN/ONGOING – This is still the target date, however testing and review means that the actual switch-over date from the old website to the new is likely to be Easter/Summer 2021.

June Meeting:

OPEN/ONGOING – Jan Stuart and Steve Field are progressing this action and making contact with all churches; also confirming the website email contacts.

OPEN/ONGOING – Future activity.

OPEN/ONGOING – Future activity.


Issue: Due to the Virus Lockdown it was not possible to deliver most of this year’s Easter Cards, what should happen to them?

Actions from previous meeting:



Issue:  In a similar vein to the Easter Cards, the issue of what to do about Christmas Cards this year needs to be resolved.


Issue: An update on the status of planning for the Christmas Lunch was received.  The text of this can be found at Annex A (thanks Brian Edwards)

Issue:  A financial position update was presented.

Issue: The Petersfield Lions club’s have continued their series of very generous donations to PACT.  To date a total of £1,250 has been donated, of which £500 has been distributed so far.  The remaining £750 needs to be allocated.


Issue: There is a need to decide how, or if, to do a Christmas Carol Service this year.


 Issue: Church Leader’s representation at PACT.

Issue: King’s Arms Foundation Box.

(Repeated from previous meeting for continued awareness) Issue: The virus can strike anyone and rapidly take them out of action. 

This should be taken as a timely reminder that it is important for all church/PACT members to consider and make plans for unfortunately being taken out of action (i.e. Business Continuity Plans).   This is particularly relevant for people who have sole access to bank accounts, important passwords, etc to ensure there is a back-up to allow essential activities to continue in their (hopefully temporary) absence.


The meeting was concluded by sharing of The Grace.

Annex A – Christmas Lunch Progress Information


Allowing for a person controlling flow into the building, drivers, booking in guests and volunteers serving food and drinks and a first aider the number of guests would be about 10-12. These will be seated at 6ft tables of only 3 per table.

If it is able to go ahead the posters, letters etc. which are already prepared and printed off, will be distributed at this meeting for onwards transmission to churches etc.


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