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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
St Laurence Church Hall on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at 7:45 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Chair: Richard Saunders

Introduction: Bible reading and prayer - Hebrews chapters 11 and 12 verses 1 -2

Jesus was the pioneer and perfector of faith , looking for the joy that was set before him. Our Churches need to be filled with Joy and an unanxious presence especially in such times of uncertainty.

Apologies for absence: Vanessa Dowse, Judith Bee, Jenny Parkes, Amanda Greenlea, Anna Oliffe,
Linda Read, Josh Thomas, David Barton

Ivan Huntington: Thresher from the Methodist Church was welcomed as we said farewell and ‘thank –you’ to Patsy Robinson)

Minutes of the last meeting 25th September & matters arising. Minutes available at )

Treasurers’ report including Annual Accounts 2018/19 – Christine Tully

Events since last meeting:

Remembrance Sunday service

Reports / updates / actions

Upcoming events

Any other business

Closing prayer

Meeting finished at 9.15pm

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