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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
St Laurence Church Hall on Wednesday 25 September 2019 at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Chair: Richard Saunders

Introduction, Bible reading and prayer

Reading: Ephesians Chapter 4 verses 11 to 16. We are all Ministers becoming mature and serving Christ. Thank you for gifts and Individuals in each Church. Need to hear visions and encourage in Jesus’ name

Apologies for Absence
Lynn Carter (St Peters), Amanda Greening, Jenny Ballinger, Tim Colcannon, Josh Thomas, David Barton

Items for discussion under Item 11 (late and short items only please)
Langrish School Harvest

Minutes of the last meeting 19th June and matters arising - Minutes available at )

Hope Church to be asked for 1/12 of cost of Pop up Prayer Space. Richard to negotiate with John Piper

Christmas Lunch 2019 – Katie Wigley A plea for an understudy to stand in, to take care of the dedicated mobile and chair meeting if Katie Wigley is unavailable. Committee members from St Peter’s, St Laurence’s & Life Church so far. It would be helpful for each church to be represented / provide someone who can pass on communications.

One meeting a month for Church reps. Katie can be contacted at
Next meeting October 6th @ 7pm in Cremorne Place. Winton House will be hub for communication

Stewards of our beautiful planet – Catriona Cockburn

Led a long, passionate discussion on fighting climate change. Local schools were involved with events and making posters and contacting the Petersfield Post. Christian groups and Churches could be at the centre of this and react, giving hope, and
educating congregations. Children and teenagers have often got the message.

Treasurer’s report: Christine Tully

Christine will be sending out half yearly subscriptions for the 1st October. Final report will be signed off by auditor prior to November meeting and A.G.M. in January.

Events since last meeting:

a. Holiday Club - Fridays at end of July and in August

b. Stephen Addison / Boxup Crime 14th August 2019

Stephen gave an amazing testimony to many young people at Lab99. They all had an opportunity to experience Boxing in the ring. He was a gift to everyone. This was provided free of charge by All Souls Langham Place whose church holiday was at Bedales. John Callaghan wrote in thanks.

c. Petersfield Festival Service 25 August

Reports / updates / actions

a. Christmas cards– Helen Mason

b. Website questionnaire & Email groups – John Studd

See for a possible way of signing up for email Groups. To comply with GDPR a Privacy Notice needs to be agreed and put on the website before using this. Communication with Pact web site was useful but underused. John was happy to continue as long as it was useful. There was useful Contact with Petersfield radio.

c. Men’s Group – John Studd
Meet on the second Monday of the month in the Salvation Army Hall at 7pm. All men welcome.

Upcoming events

a. Women’s Brunch 12th October with Sarah Wiggins from Tear Fund speaking on Plastics and Poverty.

b. PACT Carols Thursday 19th December 6pm around town, 7pm in the Square Richard needs to produce order of service

c. J John Just One event 4-5th April 2020. – John Callaghan. Launch: Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral 09/10/20 7-7.30pm Friendship Evangelism idea in Guildhall: Local Training in January

d. Next committee meeting 13/11 at 7.45pm at St Laurence Church Hall (Please note later time)

e. AGM date: 7.30pm Wednesday 15th January 2020 Venue St Laurence Church Hall

f. PACT Unity service 3pm 19th January 2020 Venue URC Carolyn Barton to be installed as Chair . Minister Vice Chair required.

Any other business

a.Langrish School Harvest at 8.50 on 16thOctober. Carolyn to ask Pact Food Bank rep to attend ,give a short acknowledgement and receive goods.

b.Patsy from Methodist Church please note weekend 7th/8th December for display of Nativity Sets as in previous year.

c.Kings Arms Notice – Church is looking after many young people. Still no Youth Worker. Raised £0.9 million Still require £300,00 –£ 400,00 in donations. Looking at acquiring ,a property in central Petersfield once change of use is confirmed.

Closing prayer Richard summed up the work of the meeting with prayer.

Meeting finished at 9.15pm

Closing prayer

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