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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
St Laurence Church Hall on Tuesday, 27 February 2019 at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Chair Richard Saunders

1) Introduction, Bible reading and prayer
Richard read from Psalm 27 and spoke about seeing our situation in the proper perspective once we see God and about us individually and corporately being God’s dwelling place.

2) Apologies for absence
Vanessa Dowse, Simon and Helen Mason, Peter Hollins

3) Items for discussion under Item 14 (late and short items only please)
i. Chaplaincy at the Kings Arms
ii. Welcome leaflet

4) Minutes of the last meeting 14th November and matters arising
Minutes available at

5) Minutes of AGM & matters arising
Minutes available at

6) Treasurers report – Christine Tully
It was agreed that each church would review their subscription to PACT. The subscription amount will be decided by the average adult weekly attendance of your congregation. Action: Christine needs to know what your church’s average adult weekly attendance is, please email her at

7) ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer – Ascension Day to Pentecost 31 May to 8 June
We discussed the idea of arranging a Popup Prayer Shop in the town centre for the 9 days between Ascension Day & Pentecost as part of the 'Thy kingdom come' prayer initiative. Please visit for more information on the worldwide vision.

It was agreed that PACT will rent a pop up shop in Petersfield for some or all of the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost as part of the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer initiative. PACT reserves will be used to pay for hire of the space and resources. All agreed that this needed to be a welcoming place for people who weren’t used to a church environment with interactive opportunities to engage as much or as little as they wished.

Some literature about the churches will be available, but the main focus will be on inviting people to pray. Training will be given to the individuals who are supporting people who come in to pray.

Action: Richard will start a working group to manage this event. John Callaghan will support him. If you would like to join please email

Action: If your church would like to host one of the days of the prayer please let Richard know

8) Lent Courses – Carolyn Barton
Thanks to Carolyn for compiling the list of Lent courses

9) PACT website – John Studd
John has reconsidered stepping down from managing the website and will remain in post. He circulated a questionnaire about the PACT website.

Action: Please bring your questionnaire back at the next meeting with any comments.
Action: John will send all of the church administrators an email with a list of all the events in the next month asking them to add anything they feel is pertinent to their website and/or newsletter.

10) Future speakers - David Barton
Action: will invite someone to speak about climate change at one of the PACT meetings this year.

11) Events since last meeting:

12) Reports/updates/actions
With many demands on her time Anna needs to step down as PACT Secretary after this meeting. Action: All to ask around in churches to see if someone would be willing to undertake this.

13) Petersfield Community Radio – Josh Thomas
Plans are afoot to start a community radio station in Petersfield, initially making a podcast with a view to internet streaming in the autumn and possibly DAB broadcast beyond that. We welcomed Stephen Martin who is leading the project to learn more and think about how PACT churches could be involved.

Petersfield Community Radio will be constituted for social gain as a limited company. The service will be based around broadcasting focussed on community, creativity and connection. 100 volunteers are already signed up. Josh will be the link with PACT. The station would like all the churches to add to the online events diary before June for fist podcasts in June 2019.

Action: Email Josh Thomas in the first instance if you would like an event promoted.
Action: PACT to consider at the next meeting how we might manage a weekly feature about faith life in Petersfield from June

Petersfield Community Radio can provide relevant training, all we need are smartphones but a studio quality recording set-up is also available. Project website is

14) Any other business
Chaplaincy at The Kings Arms John Piper - The Chaplaincy would be staffed by lay and ordained people and be focussed on listening to young people and supporting them to deal with real-life issues. This would fill a gap at the Kings Arms, where it is perhaps inappropriate for youth workers to speak openly about matters of faith. It is imagined that the Chaplaincy service would launch at after school clubs. Action: John Callaghan will circulate details.

Action: please share these details with your churches.

Welcome Leaflet – Lynn Carter
Lynn raised that some of the details on the Welcome Leaflet are out of date. It has been decided that we will not do another print run at this stage.

15) Closing prayer

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