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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
St Laurence Parish hall, on Wednesday, 14 November at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches

1 Introduction, Bible reading and prayer – Simon Mason. Simon read from Ephesians and we prayed about unity, humility, gentleness and putting God at the centre of all we do.

2 Apologies for absence received from Vanessa Dowse, Tim Concannon, Amanda Greenlee, Jenny Parkes, Lindsay Clegg and Helen Mason.

3 Treasurers report – Please see separate Treasurers Report for year ended 30 September 2018, available on the PACT website. Christine was thanked for all her hard work.

Jenny asked when PACT asked for subscriptions, Christine clarified that it is every 6 months in October and March and that she corresponds directly with church treasurers. Jenny suggested that the Quakers could contribute.
Action: Christine will revise each church subscription, based on the number of congregation members in the new financial year. If the Quakers wish to, they are welcome to make a free-will donation this financial year.

Action: Holiday Club to be shown on next years PACT accounts.
Action: David will bring Food Bank accounts to the next PACT meeting and Food Bank will arrange for their accounts to be scrutinised by an independent examiner.

(Point of clarification: Messy Church in Petersfield has operated in the following manner in regards to its finance.
As a partnership organisation it was expected that it would function and operate independently from the PACT account in regards to its finances, therefore all money received has been counted and banked by Life Church Petersfield and offset against the money set aside by Life Church Petersfield which is the only funding source apart from donations made by the participants for the event. It is audited in the Life Church Petersfield annual accounts.)
All agreed that that the funds from the Unity Service collection in 2018 and 2019 should go to the Kings Arms.

4 Minutes of the last meeting 19th Sept (Copies available on PACT website) Minutes were approved by all.

5 Events since last meeting:
Women’s Brunch 20/10 - 60 Women attended an enjoyable event.

6 Reports/updates/actions

Christmas Lunch - Christine reminded the committee that people wishing to attend the Christmas Day lunch now need to drop off an application form at Winton House and can call the Christmas Lunch mobile phone with any issues.
Action: If anyone would like to help as a table host or driver for the PACT Christmas Day Lunch please email

Action: Please give your green tokens to the PACT Christmas lunch fund at Waitrose. Action: Christine to send some information about the Christmas Day lunch to John for the PACT website.

Action: Each PACT Church asked to provide four large bottles of fizzy drink to the Salvation Army before Christmas, marked for Brian. Please not cranberry or grapefruit flavours, as they can react with certain medications.

Christmas Card –Thank you to Steep school who produced some really excellent cards.
Action: Helen to continue managing PACT Christmas cards and Easter cards.
Action: Cards will be bundled at St Peters Church Hall on 19/11 at 9am – 11.30am, please come along and help if you are able.

Standards of entry were so high that this year that Helen suggested there should be one main prize and seven runners up. It was agreed that runners up would get £5 each and the winner would get £25.

Petersfield Post Rota – Action: Everyone has now seen the rota.
Action: Patsy will pass the rota on to Stephen Wright.

Agencies meeting – Anna passed on a message from Steve Field thanking PACT for the involvement in Petersfield Counselling Service in the last agencies meeting.

PACT Foodbank storage container –It was agreed that PACT churches would be asked for a special donation to go towards the costs of the new PACT Foodbank Storage container that will be sited on the new garden area at the back of the Salvation Army Hall.
Action: Anna will send the PACT Chairs meeting details of the costing and timescales.

Web site map – John would like a break from running the PACT website, it was agreed that John step down from managing the website sometime in the next year – ideally before May. He suggested that a website sub – committee be formed. John was thanked for all of his hard work on the website over the years.

John produced an excellent site map and the committee went through the site map and suggested items that could be removed as they were no longer relevant.
Action: John to delete pages that are out of date.
Action: All: Please email John to with any additional pages that need removing from the website.

Update on Prayer Days –. It was agreed that the prayer days had been very good, but had run their natural course and people would continue to meet informally to pray. John was thanked for all of his hard work.

Men’s Group – It was agreed that Petersfield Christian Men’s Group would be a PACT linked group. Several men spoke about how much they had enjoyed the group and the committee were given fliers to share with their churches.

World Day of Prayer 1/3/19 - Methodist Church led by SA
Action: Helen to send John details for website

7, Dates for meetings

8, Any other business

9 Closing prayer – Simon Mason

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