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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
St Laurence Parish hall, on Wednesday, 25 April at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

1 Introduction, Bible reading and prayer – Helen Mason

2 Apologies for absence - apologies were given by John Callaghan, Linda Read, Lindsay Clegg, Amanda Greenlee, Jenny Parkes, Richard Saunders, Judith Bee, Stephen Wright and Carolyn Barton.

3 Minutes of the last meeting 21st Feb 2018 were approved (copies are available on the PACT website.)

4 Events since last meeting:

5 Reports/updates/actions

  1. PACT prayer days
    In response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's call to pray for more people to know Jesus (see ) St. Mary Magdalene, Sheet are organising a 24/7 week of prayer. They would like to invite anyone from PACT churches to sign up to come and pray for an hour. You can sign up here: . But you are also welcome simply to come and pray without booking.

  2. Holiday Club - Regi has found someone from Hope Church willing to coordinate part of Holiday Club. Hope Church members are not covered by PACT Public Liability Insurance; therefore, we would need someone from PACT in overall charge of the holiday club in order to run using PACT insurance. PACT will look for someone from a member church to take on the leadership role, enabling a volunteer from Hope Church to run the activities on the ground. If no one can be found, PACT will take this year to review Holiday Club, with the thought of developing something innovative for the following year.

  3. Foodbank – now have 46 volunteers, from January to end of March they have had 48 referrals, helping 104 people. £220 of £5 vouchers have been cashed in for fresh food. Need to keep raising the profile of foodbank, NatWest in Petersfield now host a drop off point for food.

  4. Life Church Men’s Group – The group meet on the first Monday of the month from 7-9pm at the Salvation Army Hall for a meal and a talk. They would like to open the event to other churches, starting on 1 October. Life Church will produce a leaflet and have a website.:

  5. World War I Centenary - Action: The PACT Committee will ask PACT ministers what they feel might be an appropriate way for churches to mark the occasion.

  6. Community First – Offer free membership including access to a wide range of services and support including low-cost training. Action: Please circulate attached flier to churches, ask administrators to sign churches back up to Community First.

  7. MIND – Jenny Lee, Wellbeing Practitioner, will attend next Agencies Meeting.

  8. Cinnamon Trust – there is £2.5k allocated to Petersfield that remains unspent. Action: Helen Mason to forward email from Cinnamon Trust to all PACT reps to share with their churches.

  9. Spring/Summer Festivals – Salvation Army and Life Church to lead the worship slot at the Spring Festival. Action: Please ask your church to consider being involved.

  10. EHDC support for the older generations - The Town Council are running a community forum about befriending on 2 May. Action: Anna Olliffe to ask Steve Field for more information and to circulate this.

  11. Hope magazine – It was decided on this occasion that we would not use Hope Magazine at Christmas – although having spoken to the publishers it might be possible to customise the cover to meet our needs in Petersfield. Christine Tully and Judith Bee were thanked for managing the Easter cards.

  12. Petersfield Counselling Service (PCS) AGM 22/3 - Action: Helen Mason to contact Robert Gusissman for a copy of the minutes.

  13. Women’s World Day of Prayer 2/3 – very low attendance, but it is felt important that this event continues. Next year Petersfield Methodist Church will host it on a Friday morning to see if this has an effect on number of attendees.

6 Any other business

7 Future dates:

For further details see PACT website.

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