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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
Tim Concannon’s house, 29 North Lane, Buriton,
on Wednesday, 28 June at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Tim Concannon, Helen Mason (Co-Convenors), Paula Hudson (Secretary), Christine Tully (Treasurer). David & Carolyn Barton, Judith Bee, Vanessa Dowse, Anna Greenlee, Patsy Robinson, John Studd.

1. Introduction: Helen Mason opened with a reading from Psalm 127 (The Passion) and with prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Gerry Arnold, John Callaghan, Lindsay Clegg, Lynn Carter, Emma Dean, Father Peter Hollins, Rev Will Hughes, Simon Mason, Anna Olliffe, Jenny Parkes, Capt Linda Read, Rev Richard Saunders, and Regi Miesli of Holiday Club.

3. Items for discussion under Item 8 (Any other business): David Barton – Update on the Foodbank.

4. Minutes for meeting of 26th April 2017: Minutes agreed and signed by Helen Mason.

NB PACT Representatives: New representative for St Mary Magdalen - Jenny Parkes; for St Peter’s High Cross, Froxfield - Lindsay Clegg. Please amend your copies at para 9 (AOB) if they do not show these changes correctly.

5. Matters arising: Simon Mason completed his abseil from the Spinnaker Tower in support of the charity FitzRoy, raising around £250 (total to be confirmed.)

6. Guest – Regi Miesli of Holiday Club: Apologies were received from Regi. She requested that churches publicise event, encourage volunteers to come forward and children to attend.

7. Report on events since last meeting:

Prayer Days:

May Bank Holiday:

Election Hustings:

Election Prayer:

8. Reports/Updates/Actions Christmas Lunch:

Chris Tully said the first meeting of the Christmas Lunch committee was held last Friday. Vanessa Dowse volunteered to report back progress to the PACT committee.

Faith Comment column (Petersfield Post): John Studd said that Hope Church had missed both their last contributions (usually done by John Piper.) Otherwise system working well. He requested articles from each of the churches unrelated to dates/events that he could have on hand to use where a church missed a contribution.

Petersfield Post – Faith Comment Rota: It had been agreed to refer the Ministers Fraternal whether rota should be expanded to include more non PACT churches, PACT linked organisations, and other faiths. Only Rev Judith Bee from the ministers at today’s PACT meeting and she had not been at the last Fraternal. Feedback was requested from the Fraternal and Judith agreed to remind them. The organisations listed in the new PACT leaflet, plus Foodbank, could be possible new contributors. Secretary requested that additional contributors be approached in time to be included in new rota which she will draw up by November.

August Bank Holiday: Helen thought the Salvation Army was leading PACT contribution – she will check up as this is happening before next PACT meeting. Congratulations were expressed to the Salvation Army representative Anna Olliffe on the birth of her baby.

Welcome Leaflet: John Studd circulated a first draft of the leaflet, which was well received. A print run of 1000 was proposed and he asked OK to use commercial designer like his stepson. He hopes to produce in September and invited comments and opinions by 31st July. It was proposed churches distribute leaflets to new estates, new housing, and other copies be given to doctors’ surgeries, estate agents, Tourist Information Centre, etc. John will send copies to ministers and PACT reps.

Volunteer Sector Meeting: Helen Mason has copy of meeting report and will distribute by email.
Next meeting – see 11. below. The Petersfield Job Centre is closing in September or October. Concern was expressed about out of work people now having to travel to Havant to sign on. See also Community First website.

Dates for Meetings: Venues for meetings on 20th September and 15th November TBA. Helen will check availability at Methodists, Salvation Army and St Lawrence’s.

A Licence has been obtained for 21st December for Carols in the Square and venue booked.

Looking forward to the AGM: Helen encouraged Ministers to consider who should take over from the Co-convenors leading PACT next year. Although the Co-convenors could continue for a third year she thought it unhealthy for them to continue too long. Helen said she had PACT minutes going back to 1989 and Holiday Club photos and asked if they needed to be kept. Tim Conannon suggested that they might be of interest to the Petersfield Museum or the Hants Record Office.

A Thanksgiving Service is being held for Pat Horn, who died 2 weeks ago (see 11. below.)

Passion Play: Tim Conannon proposed writing a mini passion play for next year. He was encouraged to start now to be ready in time. He will liaise with an actress friend and report back.

9. Any Other Business

Replacement Reps: Lynn Carter representing St Peter’s Church, Petersfield, replacing Emma Dean.

Foodbank: David Barton:

The Foodbank has £205 cash available and £2562 in Bank Account. David said that 1855 adults and 1291 children have been helped over the last 2 years, and the need was rising. There were homeless people living in a transit van on the Heath. Half the people referred from Horndean are children. He felt there was a need to reach people like the elderly who might not know about the Foodbank services. To remedy this they were contacting TPS, doing posters & distributing booklets in town.

They have 35 volunteers. Santander has volunteered help and offered to give match funding for a charity event. Tesco is now sharing their Foodbank hopper collection between Liss and Petersfield, but Waitrose has not yet organised to share their collection. Thanks were expressed to the Foodbank and all the helpers.

Cinnamon Trust: Helen said she would forward details. Availability of micro grants (£50 to £50,000) discussed.

Waitrose Green Token Scheme: The King’s Arms was benefitting from Waitrose’s charity scheme this month.

10. Tim Concannon shared his Faith Comment contribution with ref to Matthew 10:32 and Chapter 22.
He spoke about the pressures of bearing witness in the present world & Tim Farron’s resignation.

11. Future dates and events

PACT Committee meetings 2017

PACT Committee Meetings 2018

PACT Prayer Dates 2017

Other Events 2017

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