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Minutes of the PACT Annual General Meeting held in
The Methodists Church, on Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Present: (PACT Committee) Helen Mason, Simon Mason, Tim Concannon (Joint Chair), Paula Hudson (Secretary), Christine Tully (Treasurer), David & Carolyn Barton, Rev Judith Bee, Hilary Bonney, John Callaghan, Rosemary Davies, Father Peter Hollins, Rev Canon Will Hughes, Anna Olliffe, Rev Richard Saunders, John Studd,.

Also Present: John & Gerry Arnold, Pippa Collingwood, Brian Edwards, Patsy Robinson, Regi Miesle, Liz Studd, Marion Voller

1. Introduction: Helen opened the meeting with prayer, followed by a reading from John 15: 1-9 by Simon.

2. Apologies from: Emma Dean, Vanessa Dowse, Captain Linda Read, David Storey, Rev Stephen Wright.

3. Minutes for last AGM (13.1.16): Minutes agreed, and copy signed by Helen.

4. Matters Arising: None raised. NB Minutes of last AGM 13.1.16 amended to correct as: “Also Present: ....Marion Voller.”
5. Amendment to Constitution: Copies of the amended constitution were made available. Helen said they had been unable to find hard copy of the original PACT constitution so they had to re-create it. Revision was necessary following the restructuring of PACT committee with Co-convenors from the laity chairing in lieu of alternating Ministers & laity as Chair & Vice Chair. The copy of the constitution with the proposed amendments had been sent to church leaders who agreed to the changes. Chris Tully said it had been agreed the words “and he/she will have been the previous year’s Vive Chair” in subparagraph b) of the section on Structure were redundant and these were duly deleted from the amended copy. The meeting accepted the revised and amended constitution.

6. Chairman’s Report: Simon reported that he and Helen had visited all the PACT churches in 2016 and they wanted to meet all the ministers in 2017 & see how to serve them more. He reflected on the wide range of activities undertaken by the churches & the opportunities to share God’s love around the town and local villages. Among others he mentioned new ventures such as the forthcoming Women’s Brunch, the monthly Prayer initiative, the Festive Film and the Summer outreaches, 20-30s Group, Dementia Friendly training. He thanked the Salvation Army for providing their band for services like Carols in the Square and Capt Linda Read for preaching at the Good Friday service. Tim said how good it was the share leadership with Helen & Simon and how happy he was to be associated with those adding salt & bringing light to our society.

7. Accounts: Christine Tully, Treasurer, presented accounts for PACT & Holiday Club for YE 30.9.16, circulated signed copies, explained items in the report & invited questions. Separate Foodbank Bank Account now set up. Although Soup Run suspended operations, the funds for this operation retained in the PACT accounts. As food for the Christmas lunch not coming from direct donation this year costs on this item had risen & will show in next accounts. Due to Regi’s diligence, Holiday Club expenditure strictly controlled in 2016. PACT income mainly from subscriptions from PACT churches. The amount given is in relation to the size of their congregations. Main expenditure currently is on Easter & Christmas cards & inserts. As there is now a surplus, Treasurer asked each church to let her know whether they would like a payment holiday or prefer their share of the surplus to be donated to PACT supported charity. She appreciated some churches under more financial pressure then others. Chair expressed thanks to Chris. The meeting agreed to accept the accounts by a show of hands.

8. PACT Partnered & Linked Groups Reports: Verbal reports given as follows:

Written reports were distributed on

Written reports available on website also include:

9. Elections:

Secretary stated that due to onset of deafness she felt able to continue for coming year only.

10. Future dates and events

PACT Committee meetings 2017 Wednesday

PACT events 2017

PACT Prayer Days 2017

Future dates and events:

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