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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The United Reformed Church, on Tuesday, 16 November 2016 at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Helen Mason, Simon Mason (Co-Convenors), Paula Hudson (Secretary), Christine Tully (Treasurer). Carolyn Barton, David Barton, Hilary Bonney, Rosemary Davies, Anna Olliffe, Rev Richard Saunders, John Studd and guest Robert Gussman (Petersfield Counselling Service.)

1. Introduction: Helen Mason explained Tim Concannon unable to attend so she would Chair. She introduced Robert Gussmann from the Petersfield Counselling Service. Simon Mason opened the meeting with a Bible reading and with prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Rev Judith Bee, John Callaghan, Tim Concannon, Emma Dean, Vanessa Dowse, Father Peter Hollins, Rev Will Hughes, Capt Linda Read, David Storey.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Thanks were expressed to Chris Tully, who presented and explained the Accounts relating to PACT & Holiday Club for YE 30.9.16. As Holiday Club not expected to happen last August, no collection taken for it at January PACT hand-over service, and where PACT Carol Service had been held outdoors similarly there was no collection (traditionally donated to PACT Counselling Service & Butser Home Start.) As there is a balance in the Unrestricted Reserves, Committee discussed whether the contributing PACT Churches should be given a payment holiday, or whether e.g. half the £3110 surplus be donated to PACT supported charities. Reps asked to consult their churches for suggestion/ comments.

Petersfield Counselling Service: Helen brought forward this presentation from later in the Agenda, and introduced Mr Gussman. He outlined the connections between PACT, the town’s medical services, and PCS, and their plans for the upcoming 30th Anniversary. See summary from Mr Gussman, attached. It was suggested PCS could make report at PACT AGM in January.

4. Items for discussion under Item 9 (Any other business):

5. Minutes for last meeting: Minutes were agreed and signed by Helen Mason.

6. Matters arising: None raised.

7. Report on events since last meeting:

8. Reports/Updates/Act

Summer Festival: Anna Olliffe said suggestions for PACT ½ hour slot at Summer Festival include: Flash Mob, Passion Play (Josjua of Frensham)

Messy Church Roadshow: Helen said that she had taken advice and the first 2 would need 1 year’s planning. She said ministers’ approval and congregational support needed, so committee could make decision on what to choose. She suggested: 2017 – Messy Church Roadshow; 2018 – Bigger event.

Next Chair: Helen said she and Simon and Tim Concannon willing to serve for another year.

Reveal: Max Cross is leading Cafe Church (held at Winton House) for people who don’t do Sunday church but mostly were former churchgoers. John Studd suggested advertise on PACT website. See Reveal.

Foodbank: David Barton said Harvest Festival collections traditional given to Foodbank. They have own bank account now with funds of £1800. Foodbank to give special report at AGM. They are now investigating means of funding items like nappies which cannot be bought in because need to get right size for age of infant, and speaking to other market stalls re voucher scheme. The NatWest is supporting with a collection box and poster.

Soup Run: Temporarily suspended. There is some money left for potential re-start.

Food Vouchers: Vouchers for fresh fruit & vegetables from Bryants’ at market have been given out for a while by Foodbank & now vouchers added for eggs & bread from other market stalls.
Green Token Schemes As Tesco is now running a green token scheme in their Bordon store, Rosemary suggested we approach the Petersfield branch to see if we could raise funds from their scheme for PACT supported charities.

Christmas Card Design: Cards have been selected and printed. Bundling to be done next Monday. Not many suitable entries from Langrish School. Advice given to schools to be amended. Gift voucher award by minister on Friday am to winner is opportunity for positive contact with schools.

Carols in the Square: 22nd December 7pm. Salvation Army band arranged. Agreed 6pm start with Carols round the town from the Methodist Church. Hatty Hughes doing mince pies & coffee at St Peter’s. Churches each to contribute ½ dozen mince pies – take to St Peter’s Thursday am or before the service. There will be 9 carols – Simon asked for volunteers for readings. Carolyn Barton & Paula Hudson offered. There are 4 readings in total. Helen & Simon are hosting & Tim Concannon speaking. LCP PA to be used. Date clashed with St Mary Magdalen Carol Service.

Christmas Day Lunch: Hilary said age Concern minibus arranged to pick up guests. As insurance does not cover helping the infirm into vehicle they need to be taken by their carers. Food will be taken to the house bound.

9. Any Other Business

Women’s Brunch: Hilary Bonney said the first 'women's brunch' would take place on Saturday 21st January 10am - 12pm at Herne Farm Leisure. It will be 'hosted' by St Mary's Sheet, led by Linda Clist, but they would like to open it up to PACT and make it a PACT event. The committee agreed. The format includes 'brunch' (coffee, croissants etc.), followed by a short period of worship, a talk on 'Encouragement' by visiting speaker Rachel Firth (experienced speaker and counsellor) with a group discussion and prayer ministry. If successful three a year planned. Details to be added to website. Hilary requested churches advertise event in their church magazines and newsletters. See: Ladies Brunch.

Senior Chaplaincy: Richard Saunders said that St Mary Magdalen was interviewing three candidates for a this post next week. The chosen chaplain will visit isolated older people – mostly in their 80s, and care homes. The post will be for 20 hours per week. (NB: the United Reformed Church also has a Chaplain.)

Festive Films: URC initiative hosting day after Christmas with the Bartons. £5 donation. 20 places – 12 filled. Wanted to invite people from other churches. See: Festive Fun and Film Day for Older People

Christmas Charity Market: - Festival Hall 3rd December. Charities & Churches invited to take stall at the market - £20 for 6 foot space + £2 for table (or bring your own.) !/2 slots available. Contact tel: 01730 262477

10. Future dates and events:

PACT Committee meetings 2017

Other PACT events 2017

Other PACT events 2016

11. Closing prayer

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