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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The United Reformed Church, on Wednesday 13 April 2016 at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Meeting attended by Rosemary Davies, Carolyn Barton, Linda Read, Brian Edwards, Judith Bee, Vanessa Dowse ?, Hilary Bonney, Christine Tully, Tim Concannon, Helen Mason

Apologies for absence: Richard Saunders, John Callaghan, John Studd, Emma Dean, Will Hughes, Peter Hollins, Simon Mason, David Barton, Paula Hudson.

Minutes of the last meeting: These were agreed and approved.

Matters arising

a) The Salvation Army have a good rapport with the officials who police our community and that to utilize this is a positive.

b) Suggest to the FoodBank team that when dropping items at the Salvation Army hall one Salvation Army member will stand near car.

c) Parking outside the hall was also discussed.

Report on events since last meeting:

24/5 Prayer led by The Salvation Army: Very pleased by the support received. Approx 70 people took part in the 5 days.
Information and report available on PACT website

The Salvation Army were thanked by the committee on behalf of all the Churches in Petersfield for hosting this prayer initiative.

It has been suggested that maybe the Churches in Petersfield could all host a regular, possibly monthly 12hour prayer event. This will need to be discussed further by the Ministers.

Good Friday: Walk of Witness in Petersfield and Buriton: Both of these were well attended – it was generally thought the good weather had something to do with this! There are photos, videos and a short report about these events available on the PACT website.

Future events

130th celebration of the Salvation Army in Petersfield: Planning is well under way for this afternoon (from 12noon) event on Saturday 11th June at The Petersfield School (Methodist Church if raining). Tickets available from Salvation Army £5 per family.

Volunteers/help still needed is for the refreshment area. All helpers will need food hygiene certs. Please direct all help to Salvation Army hall!

IMC also have and event on Saturday 11th June. This is a morning fundraiser held on Rams Walk

Any other business:

Constitution document: a document was needed to help FoodBank open its own bank account. However no electronic version was found so the last amended one (2004) was typed up. This has shown that we need to address so minor word changes to keep it relevant to us as an “organization”. The document have been passed onto the Ministers for their comments and input. The updated version will be prepared and ready for agreement for the AGM in January 2017.

A question had been passed onto the committee asking if PACT had a document that stated its purpose etc. The constitution document answers all these questions.

Faith Comment articles: Some are still not getting through and it was requested that if possible could a prompt go out 2 weeks before due date please. Also is the new system working better than the previous?

Next meeting: will be held on Wednesday 22nd June. Venue will be confirmed in June.

Tony Phillips from the Men United breakfast (URC) initiative has been invited to come and share at the next meeting.

November meeting needs to be either 2nd or 16th to ensure that the Treasurer is in attendance to give the financial report. New date will be given asap.

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