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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The United Reformed Church, on Tuesday, 9 February 2016 at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Tim Concannon, Helen and Simon Mason (Co-Convenors), Paula Hudson (Secretary), David Barton, Rev Judith Bee, Hilary Bonney, John Callaghan, Emma Dean, Vanessa Dowse, Brian Edwards, John Studd, Christine Tully. Guest: Ann Oliffe (Salvation Army.)

1. Introduction: Tim Concannon opened the meeting with a reading from John 17:20-21, the aim of PACT, That they all may be one, that world may believe, and with a prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Caroline Barton, Rosemary Davies, Linda Read, David Storey.

3. Items for discussion under Item 9 (Any other business): The Rural Refugee Network; The Christian Art Group Treasurer’s report be moved up the Agenda.

4. Minutes for last meeting and Matters arising: Secretary advised 2 corrections to previous minutes: Meeting 18.11.15 Para 7 - last line – for Jenny substitute Chris. Meeting 13.1.16 (AGM) Present: for Vanessa Rowse substitute Vanessa Dowse. Minutes were agreed.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Chris Tully requested additional signatory for cheques. She explained Chair remained signatory for 2 years and Rosemary Davies’ term coming to an end. John Callaghan still a signatory but there had to be 2 signatories apart from herself. It was agreed Helen Mason would become signatory, and these changes would be effected at the Bank. Chris needs approved minutes to effect changes.

Insurance was reviewed as it was coming up for renewal. Tim asked how cover broke down and Chris said it had been calculated before she took over. Annual insurance now cost £284 including £50 to cover Food Bank/Soup Run. Brian said Soup Run had £168 in its accounts and offered to pay the £50, but the Committee agreed to cover this cost from PACT funds. Tim requested that a caveat be minuted that PACT will cover general insurance of PACT activities but additional activities will only be covered once a Risk Assessment has been done and the committee has approved and agreed o cover that activity. Risk Assessments reviewed: those for events in the Square (eg at Easter and Christmas), Chaplaincy and Soup Run are current ; Holiday Club R.A. is done annually.

Easter Card: design selected from 4 shortlisted. It was agreed that voucher for £25 be awarded to winning artist and £10 each to other 3 runners up.

Butser Home Start and Petersfield Counselling Service: it was agreed to donate £180 to each organization. (The money for these used to come from collections from outside services but these had not been taken recently.)

Christmas Lunch finance: £220 donated by Waitrose. Much food etc.provided free by Marika, who cooked, volunteers and others. £30 spent on invitations. Reserves of £1186 c/f and has been increasing since new system introduced 3 years ago. The gifts given to guests were well received. Committee discussed if appropriate to give away more as gifts or money (to be considered in planning for Christmas 2016.)

6. Report on events since last meeting:

Consideration was given to doing more outreach, and using a larger venue. Currently invitations are given to Residential Homes and previous guests, and an advert is put in Petersfield Post. (Need to stress that meal is free was highlighted.) Largest venues locally are Festival Hall, or TPS, but both need caretaker on site who would be unavailable on Christmas Day. If we go further afield – Havant or Rowlands Castle – we will need transport. It is intended to use the Salvation Army kitchen to cook food again in 2016. Hilary said the Christmas meal was Social Concerns Group remaining task.

7. Co-Convenors items:

8. PACT Website: John Studd requested email addresses of admin contacts in PACT churches, and any updates of details of PACT Co-ordinating Committee. Judith Bee said she does admin for her church. John drew attention to other items on the External Events and Campaigns section of the website: Rural Refugees, Clean for the Queen, Paul Skelton (see 10 below), Hard of Hearing service, Acorn. John also asked for minutes of AGM of the Counselling Service to be sent to him for the website and requested reports on the Christmas meal. He reminded reps that articles for Petersfield Post to be sent to him, not the Post. John emphasised need to check PACT website; but was reminded admin often done by elderly/retired people and not everybody is computer literate.

9. Any Other Business:

10. Future dates and events

PACT Committee meetings 2016:

PACT Committee meetings 2017

Other PACT events 2016

11. Closing prayer Simon Mason closed the meeting with prayer.

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