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PACT Food Bank

Collection of food by Curves and Meon Valley Travel

Laura Carpenter of Curves, helped by her mother standing alongside one of the deliveries to the Salvation Army Hall

You may have been aware that during March both Curves and the Meon Valley Travel Agents were collecting food on behalf of the Salvation Army and consequently the PACT Food Bank, this appeal having been given excellent coverage in The Petersfield Post. This collection of food has now finished. I took delivery of a second and final load on Monday morning.

The food and cash donated at the Salvation Army Hall has increased since the appeal began and a total weight of 691.6 lbs of food was collected via Curves and Meon Valley Travel. The storeroom is looking very healthy now and I am pleased to say that some additional food, thanks to a kind church member, is stored in her garage.

Thank every one of you kind people who have enabled us, on behalf of PACT, to supply the needs of people who are going through a hard time through no fault of their own. This need continues for the forseeable future.

Brian Edwards, Food Bank Manager Salvation Army

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