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PACT Co-ordinating Committee

The work of PACT is co-ordinated through a committee comprising one of the serving clergy, ministers or leaders, together with one appointed lay representative from each participating congregation. The Chair takes office for one year at the first ordinary meeting following the AGM. In 2016 the post of Chair was changed to Convenor and undertaken by a team of three convenors.

Officers for 2020

Other members of the PACT Committe

The minutes of PACT committee meetings and reports written by members of Partnered and Linked gropus can be found on the web site or ask your representative for copies or information. See dates of PACT Committee meeting in 2019.

The PACT co-ordinating committee has a working party which produces the Lent courses each year. The Easter services of all the churches which are distributed in the Easter card are the work of the PACT committee. It organises the Good Friday Walk of Witness and Service in the Square; Pentecost , Holiday Club, Christmas Cards and services and a Carol Service and the Christmas Day Lunch.

There is plenty for you to find out about and get involved with!

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