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Partnership and Linked Organisations

PACT is the Christian churches in the Petersfield area.   Its objectives are ''to seek every opportunity to worship and work together in united witness and service to the community and to work towards deeper commitment and fellowship between Christians".   All bodies in or affecting the community whose objective and ethos are consistent with those of  PACT may seek partnership or less formal co-operation (linked).   PACT and partnership organisation recognise a degree of mutual responsibility in supporting each other in the work for the community.   PACT and linked organisations, while not having direct responsibility for the other’s activities, recognise and further the benefits of their positive co-operation in supporting the community.


Purposes of Partnership  

To enable organisations whose ethos and objectives are consistent with PACT to be able to share a mutual channel of communication and support with member churches in whatever ways are considered appropriate.

Process of Partnership

­An organisation expressing interest will be supplied with a copy of this document and the PACT Constitution.   Should they wish to proceed, their application will be considered at the next convenient PACT Executive Meeting.   This application should be made by written document presented by the applicant, preferably in person.

The application will be discussed by the Committee who will endeavour to arrive at a decision not later than the following Committee meeting and the Chairman will write to the applicant to inform them of that decision.   This will mark their partnership.

The Secretary will arrange for the list of partnership bodies to be updated and for all members of PACT and its partnership bodies to be informed of the new partnership.

Partnership bodies' expectations of PACT


 PACT's expectations of partnership bodies

Partnership bodies:

It is expected that partnership bodies will not engage in any activity inconsistent with the objectives or ethos of PACT but, should they be deemed to have done so, the Executive Committee reserves the right to withdraw their partnership.


Purposes of Linking

To further the common purpose of PACT and its linked bodies by co-operation in support of the community.

Process of Linking

In the light of their normal community activities, PACT and its potential linked bodies are likely to recognise that positive co-operation between them will be beneficial to the community.   Either PACT or the potential linked body may therefore seek to set up a linking through their Management Committees.

Joint Expectations of Linking

When PACT and its linked bodies identify areas of mutual interest they will liaise to gain maximum benefit from working together.

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