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In June Messy Church held and Indoor Street Party in anticipation of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Craft Activities first...

Getting ready for the people...  
... the people arrive!
Domino Rally
60 in dominoes  
Jubilee Cakes
Decorating Miniature Beacons
Making cotton-reel tanks   Close up of a cotton-reel tank
Miniature Beacons on display
Making crowns
The Flotilla ashore...  
The Flotilla afloat
Debra's Cake  
Harry's cake
Cake Decorating  
Boys and their Toys

Then the meal

Once the meal is all prepared and in the oven the catering team can take a break!
The team swing into action...
The indoor street party is all ready to go!
Everyone tucks in!   And when all the families leave the team tidy up...
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