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The King's Arms, Petersfield

December 2012: MP Meets Youth Team

The energy and enthusiasm of staff and volunteers, and, of course, the young people, at the lively King's Arms Youth Project was witnessed first-hand by Damian Hinds.

The East Hampshire MP was told of some of the problems faced by small charities like the King's Arms, based in the Courtyard, Heath Road, Petersfield, whixch caters for 11 to 19-year-olds, including young carers and youngsters with special needs. The time spent putting in bids for funds robbed the project of time that could have been spent with the children.

He found out, too, about the challenges of youth work here, but also the many rewards.

The new operations manager, Caroline Lacklison said: "One of the best things we havefound out about being in a small town is the encouraging and vaulable support we find locally. We really appreciate it."

Left: Caroline Lacklison and Damian Hinds with staff and volunteers.

Reproduced, with kind permission, from the Petersfield Post, 5 December

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