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The Fire at the King's Arms, Petersfield: 13 June 2009

The King's Arms, Petersfield - affiliated to Petersfield Area Churches TogetherThe King’s Arms was severly damaged by fire on Saturday 13 June 2009. Below you can read some contemporary reports and view photographs, some supplied by the Petersfield Post, others by Mike Gibson, a member of Life Church Petersfield.


Firemen from Petersfield Fire Station wash cars for UK Firefighter's Charity and the King's ArmsSix firefighters from Petersfield Fire Station were out in the sunshine washing cars on Saturday 4th July for charity. The team manned a car wash on the fire station forecourt, where they spent seven hours cleaning vehicles. They raised £900 in the process, which will be split between helping the King's Arms Youth Project in Petersfield and the UK Firefighters Charity. Firefighter Jim White said the amount raised was more than double the figure the fire station made last time they organised a car wash. "I think it (the increase) is because of the cause being the King's Arms and the fact that their premises has just burned down," he said.

Photograph and text provided by The Petersfield Post


Click on a photograph to see a larger image in a new page. Photographs supplied by The Petersfield Post
Police are still investigating the cause of the fire which ripped
through the King's Arms youth project building in Petersfield on
Saturday afternoon.
The flames started from behind a
locked office door inside the centre at
about 12.45pm.
Click on a photograph to see larger image in a new page. Photographs by Mike Gibson.
A total of 35 firefighters attended the scene – two crews from Petersfield were joined by their colleagues from
Liphook and Horndean and an aerial ladder was sent from Basingstoke.
The heat of the fire was so intense it caused one of the windows to shatter and because of the heat and smoke,
firefighters had to tackle the blaze from outside the building.
The building is expected to be out of action for five months, and the King's Arms youth project is working hard
to find somewhere else to accommodate itself in the meantime.

Underneath the King's Arms on the ground floor, the offices of the Life Church Petersfield, which includes
the home of In Ministry to Children, and private upholstery business House of Dragonfly were hit by water and
smoke damage.


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