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Induction of the PACT Chairman: 16 January 2011

John Callaghan was inducted as the chairman of PACT at a service in St Peter's on Sunday 16 January. The service began with introduction and prayers by Rev'd Dominic Clarke of Saint Peters followed by a video of the hallelujah Chorus performed in a shopping mall in Canada (see the video on this web site).

Outgoing chair, Jean Dowdeswell, presented John with the PACT Bible and John went on to talk about PACT activities throughout 2010 - with photographs of many events displayed on the screen. These can be seen on the Archive page of this web site.

After his talk John encouraged everyone to share Christian Joy and then went on to talk about the PACT web site and Prayer Impact which John hopes to promote during his year of chairmanship.

He said that he hoped to serve the Body of Christ in Petersfield by:

Words of commitment - Read by the congregation at the end of the Service
I believe in one Lord, Jesus!
I believe in one Church, I pray a blessing on all the PACT churches,
I turn away from any criticism of the church,
I commit myself to step into the truth of our oneness and expect to see God’s blessing on our unity
Father God bless all that we doing in your name especially the things we do together
Lord prosper each church in this area, help us to love and serve each other and to serve our community

Below: some photographs taken during the evening.

Sarah, John and Steve get ready Jean Dowdeswell, Retiring Chair of PACT
The PACT Bible is passed on Jean prays for John
Dan and John with more hangings in the 24/7 Prayer Room at St Peter's
John Callaghan, Chair of PACT 2011 Sharing the Joy
Stewart & John - Steve puts up PACT web site display
Sharing the PACT Vision for 2011 Some of the congregation
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