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IMC - affiliated to PACTIMC Fun Day Saturday 29 June 2013

Total raised was £1,094.18

Donations for the Fun day

Early in June a letter was delivered to all the shops and businesses in Petersfield giving details of the Fun Day and requesting donations of goods and services. We are pleased to note that then following donations have been received:

We are most grateful for these donations and displayed the above list at the Fun Day.

Photographs of Fun Day

The weather was absolutely ideal - hazy sun meant it was warm, but not too hot for the cakes! As always lots of people helped by making and bringing products from home: cake, bread, biscuits, jam, marmalade, clothes and toys - and of course books, books and more books. We also sold toys and plants.

There was a Tombola and a raffle: "Guess the name of the Tiger" - it was Buster!

Setting up


Setting up: Sandra and her Knitted Toys and Clothes
Setting up: The Cake Teams   Setting up: Books
Setting up: The Tombola with Sue and Tamsin   Setting up: Colouring Patterns - plenty left!
Thanks to our Sponsors   Jam and Marmalade - all were sold!
Scones   Biscuits
After a slow start, things got busy!
The Line of Coins and "Guess the Name of the Toy" - it's name was Buster!   One of our sponsors, Petersfield Camera's was having a special and and they joined in the fun!
By mid-morning everyone was busy!
The "Line of Coins" says it all - Mucho Gracias" thanks for those who made the cakes,donated books and tombola prizes - especially our business donors. Thanks to all who served on the stalls - and thanks to those who bought products and donated to the work of IMC
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