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Fairtrade Fortnight 25 February 10 March 2013Fairtrade Fortnight: 25 February to 19 March in 2013

Fairtrade Fortnight brings together consumers, retailers, licensees, businesses, producers and campaigners nationwide to promote awareness and sales of Fairtrade products and campaign on issues of trade justice.

Every year, thousands of events and activities take place up and down the country in celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight, including food and drink tastings, fashion shows, fairs and fetes.

Petersfield Fairtrade Group launched a Fairtrade quiz for adults and a Fairtrade art competition for children in Petersfield over Fairtrade Fortnight and had a stall, giving free samples of Fair Trade goods outside Lloyds TSB Bank in Petersfield:

Above: Mary Morgan, Sharon Skrzypczak, Debbie Williams and Olivia Tottle with their Fairtrade goodies.

Fair response to Fairtrade

An ethical group from Petersfield has given town centre shoppers a taste of the future. Members of the petersfield fairtrade Group held a free tasting outside Lloyds TSB last weekend (Saturday 23 February). Shoppers who braved the cold could try a range of products including chocolate, wine and orange juice. The event took place on The Square two days before the launch of the annual Fairtrade Fortnight.

The movement aims to get a fairer deal for producers in developing countries who would otherwise earn a pittance.

Co-organiser Deborah Williams said the tasting session was a success and attracted a steady interest despite the bitter cold. She said: " There were four of us from the Petersfield Fairtrade Group handing out biscuits and other Fairtrade products. We had a good response from people that were around the town centre and quite a lot liked what they tried."

The group is also running a colouring competition and a quiz for children and adults respectively to coincide with the awareness fortnight. The winners will receive a bundle of Fairtrade goodies.

The initiative follows an awareness campaign at Petersfield Infant School which culminated in children at the St Peter's Road school parading through the town and championing the work of the Fairtrade movement.

Photograph and account reproduced, with kind permission, from The Petersfield Herald, 1 March 2013

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