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Petersfield is a Fair Trade townPetersfield Fairtrade March 2017

The Petersfield Fairtrade Group met yesterday (27 March 2017) to close the events of this year's FT fortnight. We held 4 stalls and a coffee morning this year.

The total sales amounted to £367.58, and Shop Equality in Eastleigh gave us 10% off all sales. We finished with £205.76 in our coffers, and we have sent a cheque to the Fairtrade Foundation for their work of £125. This leaves us with £80.76 as our float, which enables us to plan some event either later this year or during FT fortnight next year.

If your church would like to have a stall offering Christmas gifts etc. either late September or October this year, please let me know nearer the time. Perhaps there is someone in your church who would like to be a part of this group (we don't meet often, but there are only five of us!), do let us know.

Thank you for your support and if you have any ideas we would be very happy to consider them.

Olivia Tottle for the FairTrade group
Debbie Williams, Sharon Skrzypczak, Mary Morgan, Marie-Claire Greening

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