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Petersfield is a Fair Trade townPetersfield Fairtrade Group

Petersfield is proud to be a Fairtrade Town. We achieved this status 10 years ago in recognition of our commitment to promoting and supporting Fairtrade.

The Petersfield Fairtrade Group organise stalls at church meetings, and hold a special event during Fairtrade Fortnight each year. This is to raise awareness of the importance of buying Fairtrade goods to help some of the poorest in the world. We try to involve local schools in these events.   The group consists of  Marie-Claire Greening, Mary Morgan, Sharon Skrzypczak, Olivia Tottle and Debbie Williams.

We also have a Twitter account now (@FTPetersfield) which has some photos of this year's coffee morning:

See the national Faitrade web site

Fairtrade products are usually sold at the annual Christian Aid simple lunch, held in February every year.

Reports of Fairtrade activities in and around Petersfield:

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