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Engage: Thursday 25 October 2012

Our guest speaker was Juliet Nasuuna from the Olympic Praise Bus

Juliet is a Worship Leader/ Song writer and the founding Director of Project Shalom based in Jinja, East of Uganda, near the source of the River Nile. Juliet herself was once orphaned but later fostered by Christian relatives who inspired her life to start caring for other orphans and vulnerable children in need. She’s been to the UK on several visits as an ambassador for Project Shalom and recently participated on the Praise Bus leading worship and sing some of her inspiring Afro- Beat Gospel songs.

Juliet shared her story with us and told us about her involvement with the Praise Bus which travelled around the country ahead of the Olympic Torch earlier this year - see videos of the Praise Bus.

Photographs taken during the evening:

Juliet was selling items of jewellery made by the children in Project Shalom
Juliet joined local singers... ... supported by local musicians
The whole line-up of singers and musicians

Project Shalom

Project Shalom was established in 2002 and it is now Non-Government Organization (NGO), and currently cares for 23 orphans at Shalom House and supports another 40 in the community, with relatives or foster parents.

Project Shalom believes in “The transformation of orphans, vulnerable children and other dispossessed young people into responsible, upright and God loving citizens, through Christ’s practical love and care.” The work is sponsored by individual church members of different congregations in the UK. However, as a growing ministry, we are still looking for more partnerships between the churches UK and Uganda, especially with the beneficiaries all are welcome to visit, for ministry, experience, to see what God is doing in the lives of the once “hopeless” young people but now full of “Hope” and a sense of belonging, transforming and getting rooted in Christ. There will be a Craft stall at end of the session and you will can find out more about Shalom and browse Ugandan crafts made in the local community some by the orphans and the widows supported by Project Shalom.

See videos of
Project Shalom
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Project Shalom web site
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Project Shalom Facebook Page

The Olympic Praise Bus

After hearing the Olympic Flame was passing through Land's End, Sennen Christian Christine Bonfield knew what she had to do – because a vision from God had already told her.

The Escalls Church worshiper has organised an open-top bus to travel almost the entire length of the 8,000 mile Olympic Torch route, an hour and half before the flame, praising God – in a move believed to be unprecedented in Olympic history.

The idea came to Christine in a series of prayers, similarly felt by other worshipers at the Sennen church, picturing a flame passing through the region and later a bus with Jesus on the front. But Christine said the aim was not to go out evangelising but rather bring blessing to the nation before the Games begin.

She said: "It originated from a vision or picture of a flame going up from Land's End.

"This was before we knew the torch would come here. I was told other people had similar pictures but it didn't make sense. The next vision was of an open top bus and a picture of Jesus, that was again before we knew it was going to be here and I didn't understand it until I heard the flame was coming to Land's End."

Christine said she initially thought her prayers had been answered when she contacted her minister who told her Cornish churches were organising for a miner's lamp to be taken round the county.

But when she noticed a bus pass the church during a service last August, Christine said she realised God wanted praise to go round the whole nation and knew how she had to do it.

"At first I didn't tell anybody, apart from a few friends and they prayed about it," she said. "They said they felt it was right, so I said if it was right God's got to provide the bus."

Christine said she contacted Somerset-based Bath Bus Company, which offered her a bus with two drivers for discounted rates.

Managing director of the bus firm, Martin Curtis, said the company was happy to help. He said: "It's unique in the sense that it's the Olympic Games, and it's a great opportunity to be part of something that's historic."

The open top bus carried a variety of Christian musicians, starting opposite Escalls Church, just off the A30 by Sennen.

See videos of the Praise Bus

Engage is a town worship event hosted by Life Church Petersfield and Supported by PACT (Petersfield Area Churches Together).

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