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Engage: 10 June 2010

More than 120 people, ten musicians and two sound technicians joined together for the first Engage on Thursday evening. Led by John Callaghan and Amber Reed, songs and hymns were sung, we learnt more about The King's Arms youth activities and Keith and Lyndsey Gilbey entertained (and challenged) us with a short drama. Rev'd Dominic Clarke gave a short but powerful message.

From Brian of The Salvation Army, Petersfield: On Thursday evening Stewart, Vanessa, Lindsey, Jess and I joined an estimate of about two hundred other members of the 'Petersfield Church' at the Festival Hall for 'ENGAGE'.

A lively and joyous hour and a half of Worship and Praise to the Lord. This is the first of what is hoped to be many of these evenings.

The music was provided by the worship group and they played a selection of both old and new songs so that there was something for everyone.

There were three breaks in the singing. One was for a superb short drama on the subject of Pentecost, two was a message and number three a short interview with a young member of the 'The Kings Arms' staff briefly explaining what the function of the organisation is about. I heartily recommend that you put the date of the next evening, Saturday 9th October, in your diary.

Photographs taken during the evening:

Thanks to all who helped with the preparations and those who took part.


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