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Coronavirus: East Hampshire District Council

It is hoped that the following information will prove useful:

All of this information, and more can be found on the Town Council Website at:

Hampshire County Council Trading Standards is aware that fraudsters are exploiting the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation for their own gain.

These are troubling and uncertain times for all of us, and we are warning residents to stay especially alert to scams/fraud and doorstep callers.

Tips to avoid being defrauded of your money

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Some of the scams/fraud we are aware of are outlined below. Please be aware this is an ever changing situation, and fraudsters will come up with other ways to reach their targets via different mediums, for example phone, letter, text, email, at the door

To report overcharging, scams, or to obtain advice, contact our partners at the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133 (please note that this service is receiving a higher than average number of calls at present).

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