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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 November: Helen Mason, Life Church Petersfield

What do I know?

I was chatting with a niece this week as she has just recently returned to education as a mature student and needed some help. Her question “Am I thick or something as I have never heard of an Oxford comma let alone know how to use it!?” reminded me of how we apply labels to ourselves – true or not – that stop us from moving on in our lives.

In my walk of faith there have been times when I stopped and said that I couldn’t go on because I didn’t understand why things were so grim or difficult because surely believing in God should make life much easier and the tough things should just disappear.

The reality of believing in God, building a living relationship with him, is not an easy journey but from the day I acknowledged Jesus as my Saviour he has been helping me stand on top of the lies that I have believed for I am not useless, not unintelligent, and not defined by how I look; Psalm 139 tells us of how well God knows us. In The Passion Translation verse 14 says “I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex!”

So let us celebrate that we are all created differently and that someone somewhere knows all about using an Oxford comma – it just isn’t my niece or myself!


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