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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

23 September 2020: Linda Clist, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Trust Me!

‘Trust!’ said my sister, placing a chocolate on her spaniel’s nose. He gazed wistfully at her as the seconds ticked by. Then: ‘Paid for!’ The dog instantly tipped his head, caught the treat and gulped it down, looking for another go, even if it did mean that agonising ‘trust’ before it was worth it!

The other day, I heard a scientist talking about the current health crisis: ‘Trust is the most important thing. The government needs the public to trust them…’

A quick scan of the front pages of the newspapers suggests trust is in short supply at the moment. Lots of people question the decisions being made, while many are trying hard to trust, hoping it will be worth it in the end.

We all have to choose who to trust, perhaps today more than ever, with social media putting all kinds of stories our way, from conspiracy theories to comment for and against everything under the sun. Then there are the people we meet in person. Do we trust the person offering to repair the gutter, sell us a car or help us cope with life in 2020?

I think most of us trust those we know and those who have proved themselves in the past. We soon lose trust if people let us down.
At heart, the word ‘faith’ means trust. Trusting in a God we can’t see may seem a bit crazy, but if we trust God and our trust is repaid – as I’ve experienced loads of times – it actually turns out to be totally sane.

As we look at who to trust at the moment, it’s worth giving God a try. Thanks to Covid 19, you can find lots of services online, including ours. The reward if you find faith won’t just be a quick treat, but a whole new way of life.

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