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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

16 September 2020: Ben Cornell, Hope Church

We are god

One of my brothers suggested that god is a concept into which humanity will eventually evolve. Humanity will keep developing until we outgrow the need for bodies and gain the ability to merge thought and reality, but only once we have learnt to handle such awesome responsibility. A proper Star Trek idea.

I overheard another brother explaining that humanity is a dumb animal, but at the leading edge we have outgrown god. God - an historical crutch or teddy bear left from before we had Science to tuck us safely in at night. What a terrible frustration that we have to wait for the idiots who still believe in God to grow up too, before humanity can really start to evolve its sensibilities at pace.

In certain lights, I understand why these ideas appeal, but both are implausible nonsenses. Reality must exist beyond the imagination. Individual ‘truth’ is merely opinion.

Human civilization has developed in awe-inspiring ways, from the wheel to the toaster, democracy, the rule of law, human rights. Except – except the problem of brokenness in the heart of humanity has not evolved one iota since the dawn of time. And the fact we need ‘Rule of Law’ to contain our worst excesses and sometimes struggle with the ugly side of leviathans like social media, makes that case with very little effort.

We are not ready to be God or do away with God, and never will be. To outgrow the need for God? What planet are you living on? It is this human brokenness that God speaks to. This is why we will always need him.

Oh, my brothers, I despair at how clever you think you are! But too late, for we have declared ourselves God already. And wasn’t that always the problem?

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