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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 August 2020: Ben Cornell, Hope Church

A Clash of Culture

A friend is struggling with his faith. It’s sad to hear him say he doesn’t believe the Bible anymore. He still believes in God, but not in original sin. The question I have yet to ask him is, who then is the god you believe in? And how do you know him if you reject the Bible?

The source of his struggle seems to be the clash between Christianity and modern secular culture. This friend has always felt a strong need to go with the flow, to follow the zeitgeist. But the Bible is clear we must ‘take up our cross and follow’ (Luke 9:23). We will be at odds with the World, as Matthew 24:9 makes clear. There are so many verses about being counter-cultural, because the World rejects Christ and doesn’t understand him.

Culture is like a cloud in the sky, ever shifting, changing shape. Change is its only constant, because it has no solid foundation, because it is relative.

As Christians we must recognise that God is the firm foundation. We, and Culture, must bend around Him and His Word. If we bend God around us, picking and choosing because we fear offending our culture, if we mould Christianity to the zeitgeist, then God becomes relative rather than constant. Who then is this god? Is he the same for me as for you? Modern culture would likely say no – god is who I say he is, that is my freedom and right to choose. But such a god quickly ceases to matter. He becomes decoration in a life in which I am the centre. He serves me. This IS original sin. We must always come to God in humility and bend ourselves around Him, even if that means rejection by the culture of our time.

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