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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

17 July 2020: Martha Lloyd, Life Church Petersfield, King’s Arms

A year of challenges!

Hello all, my name is Martha and I’m living in Petersfield as part of a course I am doing called DNA. My placement for the course has been in Life Church Petersfield and the King’s Arms Youth Project. This year has been a great experience meeting and working with so many incredible people, working with the amazing young people that live in the area and just being able to grow in my faith with God. Without doubt this year has come with challenges but I know that God has been by my side the whole way.

One thing he has taught me is perseverance. As said in James 1:2-5, we should rejoice in our trials because God helps us to grow and become stronger through them. As I have been faced with trials it has allowed for a massive learning opportunity along the way, helping me to be stronger in my faith and more able to persevere. It also has shown me to rejoice no matter the situation.

Lockdown is a difficult time for all of us and despite the negative side to it all, we must start to see the positives that are coming out of it. It has allowed so many of us to come together and build a stronger community and network, not just within the church or the UK but around the world. No matter what you find yourself going through in life, just remember God is in it too, he knows what’s happening and he can help you come out the other side stronger.

So, the message I would love to share with you is rejoice, pray, persevere and trust in God, because he can do so many amazing things through his people.


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