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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

27 May 2020: Ben Cornell, Hope Church

The Long, Hard Road

I have had a vertigo condition for approaching two years. I have been doing my physio for sixteen months, every day. I am recovering as slowly as an oak tree grows. I have prayed for healing, for God to simply take this thing away. I know He can, but why has the God of the universe, so overflowing with love, kindness and mercy not granted my shortcut?

I cannot deny my prayer for healing has been answered. I have a specialist physio - a member of my church, no less. I have a route to full recovery - just a long, hard one.

This is a God capable of miracles who chooses that long, hard road of reality. Why?

This is a God who seeks to wade with us through difficulties, not around them. Why?

This is a God who chooses to speak through the muddled filter of imperfect people rather than seizing the airwaves. Why?

We long for an easy ride. My daughter would like to be able to play her violin perfectly without ever practicing. Ho ho. If God clicked His fingers at every difficulty I face, what would that make me?

God did not stumble upon us in this crazy world and decide to stop and help. He gave it to us to make of it what we would, what we could, with the help of his guidance, and companionship, if we would have them, and His ultimate destiny for it all assured.

The long, hard road is often painful, but it is the way to growth. Romans chapter 5: ‘we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.’

A ship on the ocean in a tempest is still in His hand. There will be storms, but trust the hand that holds the ocean.

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