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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13 May 2020: A Parishioner - St Laurence Catholic Church

Hard to feel Vulnerable

I have found it very sobering to discover that owing to my age I fall into that widely cited category ‘Vulnerable’. It is a word that has suddenly become very overused and somewhat overarching. At times it makes me want to scream. However, when I step back and think about things, I realise that it is teaching me a very important lesson, for it reminds me that sometimes it may seem easier to give rather than to receive.

Two of our children work in the NHS and they convinced us to avoid supermarket shopping as our other son could take this task over. At first it was rather a relief and a pleasure to be able to compose a shopping list and wait for delivery without the hassle of parking and shopping. However, I could not help feeling a sense of guilt. As I am relatively fit and healthy it seemed as if I were cheating and I found it hard to accept the new situation. Fortunate in so many ways, I asked myself just why I was quibbling about the new restrictions. I reminded myself of those I have visited in nursing homes and hospices where I have been struck by the calm acceptance and peace of those completely dependent on the kindness and care of those looking after them.

There is no shame in expressing sincere gratitude and accepting what others do for us. Although during this Corona crisis, It may be difficult to adjust to being a passive receiver rather than an active doer, we might reflect that while God may love a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9v7), a cheerful receiver will surely boost the spirits of those that are doing the giving.



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