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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

18 March 2020: Rev'd Chris Williams, Rector, St Mary, Liss

You have a Superpower

You have a superpower. It has the potential to change attitudes and lives and make a real difference to the world. It is available to you despite coronavirus, Brexit, climate change or your own circumstances. It is called kindness. ‘Kindness’ may seem like an inconsequential word – a bit weak and insipid perhaps; that is, until you are on the receiving end of it, when the effects can be life-changing. Certainly, I’m sure we all know the effects of unkindness.

Many of you will be aware of the recent death of Caroline Flack, the popular TV presenter of Love Island, who sadly took her own life. It seems this was at least partly in response to the considerable abuse she faced both on social media and the tabloids. The affects of unkindness are clear to see in the world around us and, probably, in our own lives.

Imagine if the energy we expended challenging, questioning and, yes, abusing others was turned to building-up, encouraging, affirming and supporting. It is really quite easy.

In the famous passage about love in the Bible, St Paul says kindness is an attribute of pure love. The Bible also tells us that God is kind, which figures, as God is also love. My challenge to you (and me) today, is to think of ways to be more kind: both online and face-to-face. Never underestimate the power of your words and actions on others. We often have little idea what people are dealing with and our words can be the catalyst to push them one way - or the other.

Following her death, Caroline’s twin sister, Jody, said “As Caroline would say: ‘In a nasty world just be kind.’” Let’s be people who use our superpower to create a kinder world.

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