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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

2 October 2019: Peter Belton, Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Sheet

Who can we trust?

How do you feel about the politics in our nation? What about Brexit.... So much arguing and no backing -down and no results; lies and damned lies. How will we cope with climate change? At personal level; each one of us? What will we need to change in our way of life in order to survive?

We crave the security of controlling our lives. We desperately try to increase our own wealth and seem unable to give it away for those who starve or live in camps, sleep on the pavement...
But more money or higher social status will only increase our anxt in case we lose it. The more things we have the more we fear losing them.

Are our personal goals rooted in crushing of others so as to stay on the top of the pile? We seem to be unable to trust anyone to help us altruistically. Where is the benign foundation of the world’s way of life?
We have heard of the answer but remain persuaded not to trust it. Of course we’d like to really know, wouldn’t we! Who has been prepared to kill a part of Himself so we might live, not just on this mortal coil, but for always and always and always. Who has been prepared to have His family killed to bless us. To whom do we turn when all our options seem to have disappeared? Who loves us more than we can even be aware?

God’s reality is fullness and peace, His peace; no matter in what circumstances. Just turn your face to Him and you’ll find He’s looking at you already and He’s smiling. Take comfort. Give Him a try!

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