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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

21 August 2019: Judith Bee, St Mary, Buriton

Time to just be

We’re coming towards the end of the school summer holidays. I wonder if you have had time this summer to take a break and give yourself a chance of refreshment of body and soul. People often have memories of long, hot summers when they were children, freed from the routine of school, able to play freely, enjoy new experiences, and for the lucky ones, to go away and explore a new place, a new area. Rest and relaxation are important for our general health and well-being, they contribute to our mental and emotional health as well as physical health. In our frantically busy world, we can sometimes be made to feel that if we are not busy we are not doing enough, but we do ourselves a disservice by not taking time out

The fourth commandment declares one day in seven a Sabbath day, a holy day, a day to be set apart. This is not intended to be yet something else we have to do, but to be life enhancing. Such a day can restore us, improve our well-being, help maintain our relationships, give us space to remember the person we are, and the one we would like to be, and to remember God whose gift this special day is. ‘Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for the needs of human beings, and not the other way around.”’ Mark 2:27

I was really sorry on holiday one year to see a notice in a children’s playground which said, “No playing here on Sundays.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke. What a missed opportunity!
God made us to enjoy being his children, and to enjoy being part of his world. A time of rest and fun is his special gift to us. As many people get back into a different routine, maybe now is the time to establish a regular “time to just be”.

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