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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

10 July 2019: David Storey, All Saint's Steep

What is good?

Last year I ended a comment with the words: “Have a good summer, whether it rains or shines.” The same applies this year. But what do we mean by good? As a gardener there are days when I have been longing for rain. Today, as I write, I am grateful that it has rained and others who depend on adequate rain, as essential, are even more grateful. In other parts of the country there are many who have been clearing up after excessive rain.

At present some of us are watching with concern at decisions made by our politicians that will affect us. It is not easy to balance problems created by immigrants and their benefit, along with problems and benefits to our international trade that will depend on what Brexit solutions and decisions are made. Europe, being on our doorstep, is important not only for our trade but also as access for our own students and workers overseas. How much do we want to have good relations with our nearest neighbours?

Jesus was not free from such challenges. He joined much of his nation in feeling that the domination of Romans was not good for society, because of the kind of society that God wants, caring and co-operative. He was not happy along with his majority co-religionists with their Jewish hierarchy, both secular and religious, who were looking after their personal interests in their relationships with the Romans, and failing to look after the poor of their nation oppressed by ruinous taxation, which they colluded in extracting from them.

Are we voting for the right people to represent us to produce the kind of society that God and we want?

Let us pray and help the politicians come to some good solutions.

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