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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

3 April 2019: Geoff Pilliner, Petersfield Quaker Meeting

Post Brexit

By the time this is published, Brexit day will be history and maybe we will have a deal, or not have a deal, or be none the wiser because the decision was delayed. Some will be happy with the outcome, some disappointed, some fearful for the future. Every organisation, social or political or religious, every factory and office, many families, will have some who wanted Brexit and some who did not. There is no unity, and even those of similar persuasion differ on what should happen next. There has never been an issue that divided society as much.

So where should we go from here? Nobody knows for certain what the consequences will be. Some suggest we will be better off, some that we face economic disaster, some that our country will be physically isolated, and some that Britain can be great again. But not one of us actually knows. And all of us depend on the few in government to make good decisions.

Uncertainty like this is potentially dangerous. Disappointed people are likely to push for a different outcome, and the battles may not only be a war of words in Parliament. So what is demanded of us? We have to accept that decisions have been made and move forward from that point. We have to accept that aggressive confrontation is never productive. We have to make every possible effort to make the new situation work, for the benefit of us all. We have to remember that we are all equally human beings and that we can all have our own opinions, but that any resolution of differences requires us to talk with one another, not fight with one another. There are difficult times ahead but let us approach these difficulties looking for peace and progress, not fighting and discord.

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