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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

20 February 2019: Keith Evans, Petersfield and Liss United Reformed Church

Loving our neighbours

Valentine's Day has just passed with the media encouraging us to give and spend generously on those we love. While this is all about commercialism, there is a real need to make love a greater reality in our lives. I am not talking of romantic or family love but a love for all our neighbours, which means treating them as we would like to be treated.

We live in a world where eloquence, intelligence or merely the ability to shout louder than anyone else, marks men and women out for positions of power and authority. Love and truth come a poor second. The disastrous results can be seen throughout the world, and even in the current debates in parliament.

This love is for all peoples and is characterised by being patient, kind, without envy, not boastful or proud, not rude or self-seeking and keeping no record of wrongs. It rejoices in the truth, protects, always trusts, hopes and perseveres. It never fails.

The Bible tells us that God is love and is the source of all love. Those who know God should exhibit this love and it is a fine test of the genuineness of our professed faith.

If your belief results in anger and belittling others your beliefs are faulty. If you seek love, seek God who is accessible to all in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. By trusting in him, love can become a greater reality in your life and you can experience the joy and peace only living in love can bring.


World Day of Prayer takes place on Friday 1 March in the Petersfield Methodist Church at 2:00 pm - all are welcome.

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