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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

8 November 2017: Judith Bee, St Mary, Buriton

Remembering in hope and love

We are in a season of remembering. On Saturday (11th November) and again on Sunday ( Remembrance Day) people all over the country will gather around war memorials to remember the fallen of past wars and continuing conflicts. They have their place in the story of our nation.

Last Sunday, often known as All Souls Sunday, special services were held in many of our churches to remember those we knew and loved personally who have died, whether of old age, sickness or misfortune. Remembering them, and their influence on our lives, helps us to value the part they played in the story of our own life. The grief most of us experience when loved ones die is good and proper because it is an expression of our love for them. We can continue to give thanks for their lives and to look forward in hope to their eternal future.

Death is the one thing that will come to us all; our lives will have an end. But our own stories don't end there. The Christian Hope points to a life beyond death where there will be no more pain or sorrow or sadness; all will be redeemed in Jesus.

We are often encouraged to have a “funeral plan”; perhaps that should include our thoughts on how we would like our own funeral to be, the story of our life that it will tell, the music , readings and prayers we would like included, the love and hope it will express . If you would like some help with that, please ask at any of our local churches.

See details of the Remembrance Service in Petersfield and in the Benefice of Steep and Froxfield with Privett

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