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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

1 November 2017: Esmé Kelly, Petersfield United Reformed Church

Do you Remember?

Marcus Garvey said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without roots.” On Sunday, 12th November 2017, a two minute silence will be observed at 11am, as we once again remember those who died and survived during World War I and II. We remember their bravery and because of their sacrifice, we have a better today and a brighter tomorrow. What these soldiers did during these wars was to ensure a safer, peaceful country for those yet to come. To remember can be a painful experience for some, for others it brings a smile, but our past shapes us. It connects with our today and our tomorrow and it helps us not to repeat the mistakes of our past.

The Bible often mentions the importance of remembering. When the Israelites crossed the Jordan river God, through Joshua, told them to pick up 12 stones as a memorial, when they settle in the promised land. Those stones would serve as a reminder to them, and future generations about the price that was paid for their future, and more importantly about the God who walked with them every step of the way. As the Israelites were told thousands of years ago to always remember about a past that was painful, may we always remember the sacrifices made for us by those who came before us.

As we reached back into history on 12th November, remembering the valiant acts of those who fought for our freedom today, may we never forget what they’ve done but more importantly, may we never forget the God who is, who was and is yet to come.

The Service of Remembrance in Petersfield will take place in The Square on Sunday 12 November

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