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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

11 October 2017: Mrs Carole Noon, Salvation Army


Do you ever feel that there this not enough time to do everything? I can remember when technology brought us the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and freezer we were told that our lives would be easier and that we would have a lot more time to enjoy life.

I was reading a fairy story to one of my grandchildren recently, as I expect many of us have. All good stories start with “Once upon a time”. But what is time? We tell our children that it is time to go to bed, time to get up and time to do homework. Our lives are governed by time but how we use the minutes, hours, days, weeks etc. is up to us.

In my experience life today feels as though there are more demands for my time and I have to prioritise the tasks that need to be done so that everything is done. That was certainly the case during my working life but now that I have retired I find that I need to set myself deadlines otherwise days roll into weeks and nothing is achieved.

Do you have time to listen to others? We live in a hectic world and a sad reflection of this is that many of us do not know our neighbours. In the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 we are reminded that there is a time for everything but we must ensure that we do not waste the time we have as time wasted cannot be recovered. How we portion up our time is up to us as individuals but if you can spend some time each day to reflect on the word of God and pray it might just change your life.

The next Women's Brunch will be held on Saturday 21 October at Herne Farm Leisure Centre

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