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Messy Church, Petersfield

Messy Church July 2018

As most of you are probably aware Emma and I have been running Messy Church in Petersfield in its current format for over ten years – we started by wanting to provide something to our church families who for various reasons couldn’t make it to Sunday services and over the ten years this has changed to providing a Christian foundation and making contact to mainly unchurched families, those being cared for by grandparents and childminders and families who are new to the area.

For both of us it has been. and will always be, about serving God and our communities and trying to hear when God says “change”.

And a massive moment of change has happened and it couldn’t be clearer that this was the moment that God had been warning us for the last year was coming!

So I prayed, and waited, struggled with the answer and prayed some more!

I believe that God has great plans for Petersfield, for Messy Church and for the relationships that have been and will be developed.

But I am firmly convinced through various promises, prayers and words that God wants us to stand away from the current format and to allow Him to influence and rebuild for the new season.

This might mean a change of day, a change of format, a new team... and so the list of possible changes goes on.

I am convinced that God didn’t want a “reaction” but action that was positive and free from expectation of what will unfold.

I decided on the following process to let people know what was happening – and I apologise to anyone upset or offended by doing it this way –

  1. To talk to all the helpers and volunteers first to explain what was happening
  2. To talk to the parents to reassure them and ask them to be part of the consultation
  3. To let the Methodist Church team know what was happening and why
  4. To let PACT leaders know
  5. To let everyone know

So, there will be NO Messy Church in Petersfield from September to November 2018.

During this time I will consult, pray and see what God does - talking to parents, the amazing volunteers, the PACT leaders, PACT representatives.

Emma and I plan to hold a Christmas Messy Church on a Saturday (date to be confirmed) from which the new Messy Church in Petersfield will be launched.

If you have questions, queries or thoughts about what might be the possibilities to go forward please do contact me

Many thanks for all the support and encouragement that you have given over the years to Messy Church in Petersfield... and here's to what God will unfold!

Helen and Emma

Ready to serve up Panackelty 17 April 2018: John Ide, Pippa, Liz, Caroline, John Studd
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