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Petersfield Town Chaplaincy


To a celebration of chaplaincy, hosted by Petersfield Town Chaplaincy

Are you involved in serving the community through your church? If so, we warmly invite you to celebrate with us.

If you are not currently involved, but you are interested, come and hear how ‘The Church’ is serving the community on the front line. This will be an opportunity to share and celebrate the different ways we serve our community as churches together.

Refreshments will be available.

March 2017: Joining the Town Chaplaincy

The Petersfield Town Chaplaincy has now been running for more than five years and we would like to expand our activities further around the town centre. Specific areas which we believe are a priority are Tesco and Lavant Street. In the future we would like to expand into Waitrose, The Folly Market, and the High street including M and S and the businesses in the central car park. The area covered would depend on the preference of the Chaplain and the number of Chaplains available.

We ask therefore that PACT churches in Petersfield prayerfully and carefully consider if there are any members of their church who would like to know more about joining the Town Chaplaincy.

The aim is to be a listening ear to employers and employees in the town bearing in mind that a lot of people who work here do not live and / or worship here.

With this in mind we plan to run training sessions over two Sunday evenings in the next six to eight weeks.

Whilst these sessions will be for existing Chaplains and potentially new Chaplains, we would like to offer it to anyone in any church who has responsibilities for outreach or who would like to do more in the areas of listening and helping from a Christian viewpoint.

In His love

Petersfield Town Chaplaincy

Since 2011, The Petersfield Town Chaplaincy has been set up to primarily support the business community in Petersfield, and through our experience of serving in this way, we have proved many times the value that this service has provided to the business community.

Minutes of Chaplaincy Meetings

How can we help your business?

Some examples of how we have been able to support employees are as follows:

Other ways we can help

Our work is not limited to providing a listening ear to the business community and their staff, but we are also able to provide Chaplaincy in hi-viz jackets for any public event, including the recent Remembrance Sunday where we assisted by providing crowd control, and being on hand to provide help and direction when required.

Who are we?

Our Patrons

Our History

How did we start?

Some individuals felt the desire to go out and serve in their community, so set out to visit other similar groups working in other towns and deciding on how the Petersfield Business Community would be best served.  Once the group was formed with a team of trustees, a plan was put together, and volunteer Chaplaincies were trained.  Petersfield Town Chaplaincy was born, and adopted by Petersfield Area Churches Together to represent the fact that all churches together were serving their community in this way.

Above: Commissioning the Chaplaincy Team at the Service for Christian Unity, St Peter's 20 January 2013

Some of the Chaplaincy Team with MP Damian Hinds

Contact John Callaghan - - 07933 479701

To be informed of the activities of Petersfield Town Chaplaincy subscribe to the Chaplaincy email group

The Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies is a loose network of projects which have either established Christian town or city chaplaincies, or are working on developing such a chaplaincy.  It was formed following recognition that God was doing something really special through the work of existing town chaplaincies, and also following a national conference held in April 2013 to explore how best practice could be shared, and organisations and individuals supported – both practically and pastorally.

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