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Women's Brunch: 22 June 2019

Fiona Castle: Facing Challenges, Facing Change

Fiona Castle was born in the Wirral and at the age of nine, went to a boarding school in Surrey to study dance and theatre arts. She worked in the theatre as a dancer and singer for seven years before marrying Roy Castle, who was, at that time, a well known entertainer. They were married for 31 years before Roy died of lung cancer in 1994. They had four children and she has three grandchildren.

Fiona has written a number of books, including five anthologies of prose and poems, autobiographies and a book on coping with cancer. More recently she has written a book for Global Care, about some of the places where she has worked, on their behalf, in many different countries. She had a regular weekly slot on Premier Radio for five years.

Much of Fiona’s time is spent travelling around the UK sharing her story at evangelistic events; speaking at charity events for Hospices, Cancer Research UK Rotary and various church events.

She has run the London Marathon twice for Oasis Trust, for which she is a patron, for the first time in 2001 and probably for the last time in 2005! Fiona is also President of Activate; an organisation which encourages Christian women to take God’s love into the community, through a wide variety of low-key, friendly events, and seminars, encouraging Christian women in evangelism. She was given an OBE for her work with Global Care and other charities, in 2004


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