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PACT Welcome Leaflet

At a PACT Committee meeting in 2017 it was agreed that it was time for PACT to produce a "Welcome Leaflet". The leaflet would be used to provide information about PACT churches for newcomers to Petersfield and the surrounding villages.

Using information on the PACT web site as a starting point, churches were asked to provide information and graphics for their section of the leaflet.

Each entry contains the postal address of the church and the email address of the church administrator. The name of the church leader is not included since these will change over time; church web site addresses are not included since they can be very lengthy!

Two maps are included, one showing the location of churches within Petersfield, the other showing churches in the villages around Petersfield.

It is hoped that the PACT web site will provide up-to-date information about the activities of PACT churches and groups linked to or partnered with PACT. The leaflet includes web addresses of several PACT activities.

One hundred copies of the Welcome Leaflet were distributed to each of the PACT churches in January 2018 with the intention that copies would be given by church members to families moving into their area of Petersfield and the surrounding villages.

Copies were also given to estate agents in Petersfield, Petersfield Library and Museum.

If you would like additional copies of the leaflet please email:





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