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Annual Report for Knit and Knatter 2014

Meetings take place each month, usually on Wednesday evening, at Herne Farm Leisure Centre.

At Knit and Knatter people are invited to come along and undertake a range of handicraft activities. Ladies make up the majority of those present, though men are also welcome!

Each month Sandra contacts charities, both local and national, offering the handicraft services of those involved in Knit and Knatter. Charities are found by searching the Internet for "knitting for charity". In response charities supply patterns for an item of craftwork and this become the project of the month.

Information about the new project, including the pattern, is circulated by means of a Newsletter that Sandra writes and circulates - mainly by hand, though there is a Knit and Knatter group in Chichester and another in Royston, Hertfordshire. The Newsletter also includes reports of previous month's activities and photographs of people working on their projects. The materials used in undertaking projects are "obtained" by Sandra and other members at no, or little cost.

Donations by members cover the cost of the hall and refreshments - the activity is self-financing.

Members don't have to work on any given project and are welcome to bring other projects along and to share their materials and expertise with other members. In addition, many members continue to work on a project at home and some, who aren't able to attend very often (or at all) work at home. Sometimes two or three members will meet together to work on their projects in their own homes.

Work done, at home or in The Leisure Centre, is displayed each evening and photographs of these items appear in the Newsletter, which is a key factor in the success of the enterprise.

In addition to creating handicraft items the objects of the evening is to provide friendship and company - indeed a few people attend and don't take part in any activity but are ministered to by other members of the group. This is definitely a mission.

The act of making craftwork for charity is creative and fun and there are now 60 members "on the books", with a monthly attendance of about 20.

Sandra would like to see the group grow so that its members grow in terms of skills learnt, in friendship and spiritually. The Newsletter is the key in doing this since it contains all the details of current projects and information about past projects. Since the patterns are provided at no cost Sandra is keen that they are only distributed to those who attend.

Charities for which the Knit and Knatter group have undertaken projects - various items for:

  • IMC
  • Local hospitals
  • Mission to Seafarers
  • Breast Feeding Initiative
  • National Child Birth Trust
  • Mount Noddy
  • Battersea Dogs Home
  • Women's Refuge
  • Troops in Afghanistan
  • Francis House Hospice
  • Hearts Ease Kids Company
  • Sands Still Birth Neo Natal Death Charity
  • Neo Natal Unit
  • Animal Shelter
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Chemo Wards
  • Siblings together
  • Royal British legion
  • Clic Sargent
  • Vision Overseas
  • Age Concern
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Ginger Bread
  • Koifa
  • Rose Rd Association
  • Barnabus


  • Knitted items baby clothes toys etc to sell for In Ministry To Children
  • Boobs and nappies for Local and Taunton hospitals
  • Premature baby clothes
  • Dog blankets & coats Battersea Dogs home
  • Hats for homeless
  • Hats, scarves, Fingerless mitts, balaclavas Seafarers
  • Knit a bear to show that you care - for women's refuges
  • Hearts Bags for Kids Ease Kids Company
  • Fingerless Mitts British Heart Foundation
  • Chicks with crème eggs for Francis House Hospice
  • Blankets for Sands memory boxes
  • Leg Warmers for Cystic fibrosis
  • Chemo hats local Hospitals
  • Ponchos for Summer Camps keeping siblings together
  • Spectacle cases for Vision Aid
  • Poppies for Royal British legion
  • Water bottle covers Age Concern
  • Hats for our troops
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