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The Second PACT Pilgrimage 2015: 11 July

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The day started with breakfast at The salvation Army Hall in Petersfield
The Salvation Army to All Saints, Steep: pavements and footpaths - 2 miles
All Saints, Steep to St.Peter’s, High Cross: footpaths and lanes. N.B. climbing hanger 3.75 miles - running total: 5.75 miles
St. Peter’s, High Cross to the Life Church Office: mainly footpaths 4.5 miles - running total: 10.25 miles
Life Church Office to St. Mary Magdalen, Sheet: pavements and lanes 2 miles - running total: 12.75 miles
St. Mary Magdalen, Sheet to the Methodist Church: lanes, footpaths and pavements 2.5 miles - running total: 14.75 miles

Many thanks to Rev'd David Rice who organised and led the day wonderfully and for all the folks in the churches named above for their warn hearted, kind and generous welcome and hospitality throughout the day.

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