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PACT Pilgrimage 2015 - Introduction

Hello! Having seen the publicity about this pilgrimage, you will already be familiar with its general outline. This letter is to fill in some of the details. We intend to visit each of 12 congregations within the PACT area over two Saturdays, 4th and 11th July, to experience the world of pilgrimage – travelling together, going to new places, meeting new people, praying together and offering and receiving hospitality – all of which, I believe, offers a good foundation for our shared life of faith.

This is a pilgrimage and not just long walk! The pattern of each day will be roughly:

  • from 8:30 a.m. breakfast
  • 9:00 a.m. prayers before moving off
  • 11:00-ish coffee
  • 1:00-ish lunch
  • mid-afternoon cups of tea
  • 6:00 p.m. evening meal
  • 7:00-ish prayers for the end of the day


See the Routes

Download a copy of the Routes

Download a Registration Form

Download a copy of this page


At each Church we will share hospitality, and have a brief time of prayer before leaving. We hope that as many people as possible will involve themselves with this, journeying, supporting, offering hospitality.

Part of the sharing may be that Churches help each other with hospitality, those with less to do supporting those with a larger share. Please ask for help if you need it! Hospitality does not need to be on a grand scale – simple meals will be very acceptable, especially at lunch times. Numbers to be catered for will be provided as soon as we know them, certainly in June. People are encouraged to share in the morning and evening prayers, as well as at the various stops.

Travellers may choose how they will journey. Times and distances are calculated to suit the group of walkers, but people are free to cycle, drive or ride in a car if that suits them better. We will all meet up at the various stops along the way to share in the pattern of hospitality and prayer. Non-walkers will have to take responsibility for their own route and well-being between stops. A handbook will provide some guidance though I’m sure people are familiar with the area. Please be encouraged to participate in this. If walking is not your thing, you might like to stroll out to meet the walking group as they approach your church or to drive to a church you have not been to before to meet them there. Everyone can be involved in some way.

Walkers will need to proceed with proper care for themselves and for others, and to make sure that they do not become separated from the main group. They will also need to be sensible about having appropriate footwear and weather gear and water and being fit enough for what they have decided to do. The route is very varied, with streets and pavements, footpaths and fields. Some of the paths will be quite muddy after rain. To help you decide which sections are appropriate for you, route notes are attached which give a brief introduction to each section.

Which brings me to drivers! We shall need a car in support, partly to transport small items of luggage from place to place, but more importantly to pick up people who, for whatever reason, need a lift. (A mobile phone would be an asset.) There are four half-days to cover – four volunteers please! You will be vital to the success of this venture.

Official but important bit: All those involved need to take full responsibility for themselves. Under 16’s are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult taking full responsibility for them. By registering for this pilgrimage, you agree to participate entirely at your own risk. You acknowledge that you have read this letter and other publicity in which the pilgrimage is described and confirm that you have the ability, physical fitness and experience to undertake the pilgrimage safely, and that you will equip yourself appropriately. You must provide the information requested on the registration form in case of emergency.

Registration: Before proceeding, please make sure that you have read and understood the previous paragraph.

We need to know numbers, for catering and for making sure we who we are looking out for on each section of the pilgrimage. For this we ask people to register, using the accompanying form. It would be a great help if you could do this before 7th June. After registering, you will receive a Pilgrimage Handbook, sometime in June, with further details of the route, materials for worship, etc,

I hope that this letter has told you all you need to know in order to register and prepare for this pilgrimage. If anything remains unclear or you have any questions, do not hesitate to
contact me (01428 642787: please. I would be very happy to come to talk with a Church about its role in this, if it can be arranged.

May I repeat the invitation for as many people as possible to play a part, however small, in this adventure. It will be very much all-PACT event and I hope that people will be able to look back on it with some pleasure as a significant moment in the life of PACT, when we will have visited and blessed each other’s churches and through which we have grown to know each other a little more. It will also, I trust, be a good experience of pilgrimage with all its potential blessings.



David Rice
Petersfield Methodist Church.

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