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Petersfield Christian Men’s Group

The men of Life Church have been meeting together each month since September 2017. From October 2018 we have invited men from all the local churches to join us and have therefore renamed the group: Petersfield Christian Men’s Group.

The aims of the meetings are to develop friendship, fellowship, trust and encouragement.

We currently meet at 7:00 pm in The Salvation Army Hall on the second Monday of the month and after a takeaway meal (Fish or Pie and Chips, Curry or Pizza) we have been blessed by a range of speakers who have brought messages of encouragement and calls to action.

The cost of the meal, which includes a fruit drink and fresh fruit, is £10.00 - payable in cash on the night.

We aim to finish by about 9:00 pm.

To find out more (including food choices for the next meeting!) please take a look at our web site: where you will find a summary of the meetings that we’ve had so far, our plans for the future and current news.

If you would like to join us please send an email with your choice of food for the next meeting to John Studd at:

Steering Committee: Jonathan Walker - John Ide - John Studd


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